Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Need You.

Nobody knows what do I feel right now.
Nobody care. No one turns their faces on me.
They just walking up and up, flying away and so far away whilst I'm struggling going up with my own self down the street.
While I'm crying in the rain, falling at the junction, they just don't know.
But deep deep in heart, there still 'someone' hears me, waiting for me patiently.
Wipe my tears away, give strengh to my breath.
And I do believe, one fine day and really! one perfect times, I will be cured.
Wake up as new me. Confidently walk again. And rise! rise! rise! till the end of the road.
Allah. Allah. Allah. That's my 'someone'. The one that I really need.
Allah, give me grip. Don't 'push' me away, again....
Allah in every seconds, and that's enough for me.

p/s : I'm down! :(

1 comment:

  1. be strong,kawan!
    kami di sini sntiase support ko k..xwori..